Can Pool Table Slate Get Wet

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Have you ever thought about what would occur if the slate on your game room pool table got wet? Have you accidentally dropped water on your table and wondered how it would impact the surface? This article will cover the basic things you need to know about pool table slate and cover can pool table slate get wet.

So Can Pool Table Slate Get Wet?

Do not use the pool table as a coaster for your or your guests ice-cold beverages. However, if you accidentally spill something on your slate, as long as you clean it up right away, it won’t warp.

What Happens When The Slate Of A Pool Table Gets Wet?

Types of Slate Pool Tables

There are two types of slate pool tables, one-piece slate and three-piece slate. The one-piece slate is a huge, cumbersome slab of slate, weighing around 450Lbs, that is difficult to handle and has a propensity to droop or warp over time if not properly maintained.

The three-piece slate is easier to manage because the sections weigh less, and players can level it themselves more quickly; for this reason, most professional players prefer it.

Because they’re lighter than the one-piece slate tables, they also don’t bend or warp as much.

Be Careful With Your Slate

The slate or stone on your pool table can be severely damaged if you misuse it. The slate can crack overtime if cue balls are dropped upon the felt material instead of being placed there gently.

While a quality pool table mechanic can usually repair these cracks, this process is not cheap or easy, and care should be taken to necessitate calling one.

Pool Table Slate is Waterproof (Well Almost)

Long-term moisture exposure is another guaranteed way to ensure that the slate level of the pool table will deteriorate.

The slate comes close to becoming waterproof but falls short. It will absorb water but it will take a long time. As a result, to have the wood beneath the slate wrap causing the slate to push up in the warped places. This will result in the table no longer being level and will require the intervention of a pool table mechanic. For that reason you should avoid using your pool table as a coaster.

Avoid Warm, Damp Locations

Placing the pool table in a warm, damp area is a sure way to ruin the pool table’s slate, whether one piece or three pieces, as warmer moist rooms will speed up water absorption. In addition, slate deforms when the surrounding wood warps.

Repairing  slate pool table

Tips to Prevent Damage to Slate Pool Tables

Several helpful upkeep suggestions guarantee that your table won’t deteriorate quickly and will last for many years. It would be best if you did these actions to be safe and prevent your table from warping. By following these steps, you can guarantee that your pool table will last for many years.

Tip 1: Place the cue balls lightly rather than dropping them onto the table

Tip 2: Please stop treating the table like just another table by not spilling food or beverages. It merely serves the purpose of playing pool, and that is that.

Tip 3: Keep pets and children off the pool table since their weight will be concentrated at one point and could lead to cracking.

Tip 4: Only the triangle and the 16 cue balls should be placed. While playing, nothing… not even the pool cue… should be put on the table.

Tip 5: Keep the pool table in a cool, dry environment to prevent moisture from penetrating the felt and wood surrounding the slate.

Different types of warped wood

Is Warping Repairable?

Before concluding that the table slate has warped, if your cue balls are not stopping straight after being struck, be cautious about ruling out other possibilities. There are also, but not exclusively, the following things to consider:

  • The room’s floor is not level
  • The wooden cabinet’s frame has warped and cannot hold the slate securely
  • The felt was either improperly applied or ripped

You can check the slate to determine whether it has warped or if the rest of the room’s and the table’s hardware appears in working order. The degree to which the table has twisted will also determine whether it can be fixed. For instance, slight crowns or sags in slate can be leveled again to maintain a level playing surface.

On the other hand, if the warp is more pronounced, get advice from a nearby billiards shop and refrain from messing with the slate anymore to prevent harm.


Is a three-piece slate pool table better than a one piece-slate pool table?

When purchasing a pool table for the first time, this is one of the most often asked questions. Let’s start by stating that most slate pool tables, including those of the professional caliber, feature a three-piece slate design. This is because three-piece slate tables are typically much easier and more precisely to be leveled and planned than one-piece slate tables.

Slate tables that are one piece tend to slump over time in the middle, where there’s very little support. A three-piece slate pool table allows the installer to level and align each piece individually. After doing this, the seams will be covered with beeswax or water putty, making them invisible.

What distinguishes a slate pool table with a frame from one without one?

The phrase “framed slate” describes a billiard table slate supported by wood. Normally, screws or adhesive connect the backing; occasionally, both are used. Slate without a frame won’t have a wood backing attached to it.

Why should you care about this? With the added stability of framed slate, the installer can staple the cloth to the surface rather than glue it, resulting in a faster playing surface and a tighter stretch.

Although there’re some excellent unframed slate pool tables on the market, they’re nothing compared to the high-quality framed slate tables that are accessible.

Additionally, you can come across ones with a “slate liner,” which is when the slate backing is bonded to the frame rather than the slate itself. Even though it is superior to unframed slate, framed slate pool tables are more durable.

What Is the official regulation size pool table?

This question is frequently asked during sales pitches for pool tables. A regulation-size pool table is, by definition, twice as long as wide. The phrase is used often, but the query usually refers to professional play.

The majority of individuals who ask about this topic want to know what size table the pros use.

A 9′ pool table is the only option in this situation. The 9-foot, 3-piece framed slate pool tables used for any professional BCA 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, or One-Pocket competitions are twice as long as they’re wide. 

why Is slate used on pool tables?

It naturally splits into wide, level pieces and can be polished and ground into a flat surface, making it great for pool tables.

In addition, the slate keeps the play area level and smooth even though it’s heavier and more expensive than wood.

What alternatives are there to slate for pool tables?

Pool tables made of wood, primarily fiberboard and plywood, are the most popular alternatives to slate pool tables. While less expensive are more prone to warping when exposed to moisture long-term.

What is the cost of replacing the pool table slate?

The cost of slate varies depending on the thickness and whether it is a one-piece or three-piece pool table.

If you think you need to replace your pool table slate, it is best to have a pool table mechanic look at it because they can usually repair it, so the entire piece does not need to be replaced.

How much does refelting your pool table cost?

Refelting a pool table typically ranges in price from $282 to $434, depending on the table size. The felt installation, staple removal, billiard cloth, and leveling are all included with felt replacement.

If you replace the pool table bumpers simultaneously, add $60 to $180, plus an additional $200 to disassemble, transport, and reinstall.

What Is the cost of a slate pool table?

A brand-new slate pool table for residential use will typically cost between $1800 and $3000.

However, pool tables with medium-density fibreboard (MDF) wood beds are considerably less expensive. They can commonly be found for between $700 and $1500.

The total cost of a table depends on a wide range of variables.


You now understand the steps that must be taken to avoid having your pool table become warped as a result of getting it wet. You should feel at ease knowing that your table is still in fine shape; if there is only a tiny amount of water on top, you can simply let it dry and continue playing.

Playing pool is always enjoyable, and perhaps following these precautions will maintain your table in tip-top shape for years to come.

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