Will Ping Pong Table Warp in Garage

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If you’re like me, you’ve been debating whether or not to get a ping pong table for your garage. You may have even gone to a few friends’ houses to play and thought, “I could totally do this at home.” Or perhaps you have even thought about turning your garage into a game room.

But then you remember that your garage is basically an oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter. Will ping pong table warp in garage? And if it does, is it something you can fix yourself? Keep reading to find out!

Will a ping pong table warp in the garage? A ping pong table made of MDF or plywood can warp in the garage if it is exposed to temperature and humidity variations. To help prevent this, use a dehumidifier to maintain a consistent humidity level in wet climates and a humidifier in dry climates.

Ping Pong Tables: What are they made of?

Ping pong tables are made from a variety of materials but the three most common materials used to make ping pong tables today are wood, aluminum composite, and plastic.

And based upon that fact we will focus this article on these two different types of ping pong tabletop materials.

wood ping pong table

Wood Ping Pong Tables

The vast majority of wooden ping pong tables is made from engineered wood or plywood and while this is a great budget option. These types of tables can warp over time when left exposed to the elements especially temperature and humidity fluctuations.

One better wood ping pong table option is MDF while this is still a type of plywood it is more resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations that a ping pong table in a garage will go through.

And if properly sealed by the manufacturer an MDF ping pong table can safely be used as a ping pong table in the garage.

It is our recommendation that if you have an engineered wood, plywood, ping pong table other than properly sealed MDF it should only be used in a temperature controlled environment.

This can be inside your home or inside of your garage that you have set up to be climate controlled.

One other wood option is solid wood. These ping pong tables are usually more expensive and possibly even custom. While these can be used in a garage if properly sealed and maintained it is our conclusion that these are best utilized inside your home.

Aluminum Ping Pong Table

Aluminum Composite Ping Pong Tables

When one thinks of an outdoor ping pong table you are most likely thinking about an aluminum composite ping pong table. Since these tables are not made of wood they are much better suited for being in a garage.

When you are considering an aluminum composite ping pong table in unheated garage you want to take a few items into consideration.

First, there is your budget. Composite ping pong tables come in a wide variety of quality and with many options.

A good Aluminum composite ping pong table starts at $500 and goes up from there based on table thickness and other options and accessories.

Second, what will you be using the table tennis table for? Is it for just some casual games with the family? Are you trying to improve to be competitive? Or are you a tournament player kepping your game sharp?

These are important questions to answer and they will help you to determine what type of garage ping pong table you are after.

Finally, How much room do you have in your garage to store your table? If you plan on leaving your table down and out all of the time then you can look for a less expensive non-folding ping pong table but if you need the space to park your cars or to store you bikes you will want to consider a folding model that you can store more easily.

Plastic Ping Pong Tables

Another good option for a ping pong table in garage is a plastic composite top. These hold up the heat and humidity better than the wood options and you can usually find a good table for around $400.

A plastic composite topped table is typically considered a cheaper option by some and it is true you will not get the same bounce and responsiveness as you will from a higher end table. But if you are looking for a table to withstand the elements and to provide you with a good game with family and friends.

The Effects of Humidity and Temperature on Ping Pong Tables: Will Ping Pong Table Warp in Garage

As we discussed earlier, humidity can cause a ping pong table to warp in a garage depending on the type of table and how it is stored.

If you have an unprotected wood table the temperature and humidity fluctuations could cause it to warp.

Moisture Level Change

The reason this happens is that humidity fluctuations will cause the moisture level to change in unprotected wood and when it dries, especially plywood, the wood never dries perfectly straight. Over time this moisture and drying cycle will cause the table to warp.

How to store a ping pong table in the garage

If you have decided to store your ping pong table in the garage we recommend one of two things:

  1. Purchase an outdoor ping pong table to keep in the garage
  2. Make sure you garage is conditioned. This means not too hot or cold with a reasonable, 50% or less, humidity level

Tips for keeping your ping pong table in good condition

  1. make sure you wipe off any moisture that may accumulate on your table every time you finish playing.
  2. Do not use your table as a dinner table.
  3. Store your table in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.
  4. If you plan on leaving your table outside, purchase an outside ping pong table.

Final Thought on Will Ping Pong Table Warp in Garage

So, the answer to our question is… it depends. If you live in a hot climate and your garage gets a lot of direct sunlight, your Ping Pong table might warp. But your table should be fine if you have a shady garage or live in a cooler climate and ensure it’s not too humid.

It also depends on the type of table and how well you maintain your table. It is always best to go with an outdoor table if you are concerned about a ping pong table warping in the garage.

We hope this article has helped clear up any questions about Ping Pong tables and garages – now get yourself one so you can start practicing for that big tournament!

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