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Most table tennis players concentrate on playing in a club or your at home game room, but hold on for a second—you can also play outside! But what should you do if you want to bring your indoor ping pong table outside? That is a valid question.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need about outdoor ping pong tables and some additional information that every table tennis player should know. However, before exploring the preceding, let’s quickly answer the question, “Can ping pong tables stay outside”?

Can Ping Pong Tables Stay Outside?

In other words, as long as the surface won’t be exposed to moisture, typical indoor ping pong tables can stay outside. When you’re playing, you should clean it immediately if it gets wet. Additionally, there are ping pong tables that can always be outside.

As we can see, there’s nothing wrong with playing outside with an indoor ping pong table as long as it doesn’t get wet because it could possibly warp.

Convert Indoor Ping Pong Table to Outdoor

If indoor ping pong tables are left outside all the time, they need to be entirely waterproof. An indoor ping pong table cannot be successfully converted into an outdoor ping pong table. A ping pong table made for outdoor use is what you must purchase.

How to Waterproof a Ping Pong Table

Polyurethane sealants are the best sealers to waterproof a ping pong table permanently. However, to completely protect your ping pong table from moisture, you must apply the coating to the table and undercarriage separately.

Polyurethane Sealants for Waterproofing Ping Pong Tables

Polyurethane sealants are the best sealers used to permanently waterproof ping pong tables when they’re used outdoors. However, suppose you wish to totally shield your table from water. In that case, the coating needs to be applied to the undercarriage and table separately.

The Waterproofing Procedure of wood Ping Pong Tables

Step 1: Clean the surface before applying the polyurethane sealant using a microfiber cloth

Step 2: Use an all-purpose cleaner for everyday cleaning a diluted dishwashing cleaner works also

Step 3: Apply the sealer using a brush

Step 4: After applying the polyurethane sealer, dampness and water cannot penetrate the wood

Step 5: As a result, the polyurethane sealer serves as a barrier separating the wood from the air and dampness

Step 6: After the polyurethane sealant has completely dried, you need to sand the surface

Step 7: Clean the sanded sealant off and repeat the process at least two more times

Step 8: As soon as you’re finished, use a brush or a hand vacuum to remove any leftover debris.

Completing the Waterproofing Procedure

To apply several layers of sealant on top of one another, it’s best to repeat the procedure four to five times. The table’s underside has to be waterproofed after the tabletop has been wholly weatherproofed.

Whether or not it’s coated with aluminum, the metal portion of this product eventually rusts. Use a high-quality rust converter in advance to avoid consumption. After finishing this, you’d also quickly paint the surfaces.

Given these details, taking your indoor ping pong table outside, even for play, isn’t advisable, and bringing it inside again. The indoor ping pong table could twist, even if you simply keep it there for a brief period.

Additionally, you need to be aware that just because a table is inside doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s secure. Exposure to sunlight or high moisture levels can also distort ping pong tables.

Therefore, I advise against keeping a ping pong table indoors under a carport. However, if your home is the only place with enough room to store a ping pong table, you should go for an outdoor ping pong table.

Cover Ping Pong Tables to Protect Them from the Elements

Humidity and temperature should be controlled when storing or maintaining indoor ping pong tables. The indoor ping pong table should be kept at an average temperature.

Maintaining a moderate dryness level in the room is always preferable because excessive humidity might lead to mold growth on the table.

Outdoor Ping Pong Table Top

In most cases, the outdoor ping pong table top is high-density fiberboard. However, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) can be an alternative if you’re making your own to play on at home. The thickness can range from 0.75 inches to 1 inch. Both are beneficial for playability.

It’s noteworthy that the outdoor ping pong tabletop can also be made from concrete.

DIY Outdoor Ping Pong Table

DIY outdoor ping pong table

This outdoor table top will last many years of enjoyment thanks to its cedar base and cement board top (typically used for tile underlayment). You can construct one for yourself with a few Kreg tools and some materials from your local hardware store. Get the plans here.

Regulation Size Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The official regulation size of an outdoor ping pong table should be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. This is expressed in several units as (length x width x height):

  • 108 by 60 by 30 inches
  • 2.74 m by 1.5 m by .76 m
  • 274 cm by 150 cm by 76 cm

The fact is that things are rarely as straightforward as they first appear. Your purchasing choices may be influenced by the materials and requirements that must be met by a regulation ping pong table. If you require additional room, there’s also the choice of purchasing a smaller table; 3/4 and 1/2 size ping pong tables are available.

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Here are some of our best outdoor ping pong tables:

1.   JOOLA United Pro

The United Pro blends JOOLA’s creativity and expertise with a value-driven design. The United Pro Outdoor doesn’t have any glitzy whistles and bells. Still, it’s a dependable table that can provide years of enjoyment.

2.   Cornilleau 300X

The Cornilleau 300X is the perfect example of a stable outdoor ping pong table. It’s a highly portable table with various functions thanks to its one-piece design, lightweight construction, and big wheels. In addition, the fixed net and anti-glare 0.5 cm playing surface provides excellent gameplay.

3.   Cornilleau 700X

When you first see the Cornilleau 700X, you might start reaching for your wallet to do a financial inventory. This expensive outdoor ping pong table features a fixed net system, a 0.8 cm anti-glare tabletop, bigger wheels, and a one-piece design. The Cornilleau 700X is a powerful, portable device with much to offer.

4.   Cornilleau Park

A massive piece of metal was converted into a robust table. A galvanized steel frame supports an anti-glare top made of 0.9 cm resin laminate. The Park Outdoor blends seamlessly at sizable universities, public parks, and complexes because it was designed for heavy use and institutions.

This immovable one-piece outdoor ping pong table is both fireproof and very robust.

5.   JOOLA Berkshire

When the net is removed, an elegant, multipurpose outdoor ping pong table is a conference room or dining room table. Due to JOOLA’s significant experience, their next-level innovation features a stylish appearance and sturdy construction.

6.   RS Barcelona You and Me – White

This lovely outdoor ping pong designer table truly embodies RS Barcelona’s tagline of “Intense Living.” The RS Barcelona You and Me campaign aims to promote shared memories and unforgettable experiences and is a huge success. This outdoor ping pong table is incredibly versatile; your imagination is its only limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave an outdoor ping pong table in the rain?

The quick response is no; it will be damaged. The table will probably become unusable after a while. The wood that outdoor ping pong tables are made of is the cause.
Due to its flexibility, the wood will eventually distort if it’s subjected to extremes of sunlight or temperature. So make sure to cover it when not in use.

How Do You Weatherproof A Wood Ping Pong Table?

The best approach to making a ping pong table completely waterproof is to seal it with polyurethane sealants. Then, to thoroughly protect your ping pong table from dampness and moisture, apply the coating to the undercarriage and table separately.

How Can You Tell If A Ping Pong Table Is Outdoor?

The material used to make the ping pong table top is the main distinction. Solid wood tables are used for indoor ping pong tables. Metal and wood are combined to make outdoor ping pong tables, which are then coated to shield them from the elements like wind, rain, and sun.
Additionally, outdoor tables typically have more robust frames, which raises the price slightly overall.

Can You Store Indoor Table Tennis Outdoor?

We do not recommend this! Your indoor table tennis could distort if left or stored in direct sunlight, even for a short time.


Finally, the question, “Can ping pong tables stay outside”? Has been clearly answered. I hope this post benefited you and that you better understand when it’s appropriate to take a ping pong table outside and when it’s not.

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