17 Easy Dart Games to Try With Family and Friends

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Dart games can seem a bit challenging, especially for someone who has never played a dart game. It could also bore a beginner unless you play a variety of games.

Playing dart games can be fun and a great avenue to bond with friends. But it can also get frustrating if you can’t get the hang of it. Some easy dart games could pique your interest.

Trust me. You will start suggesting these games on game nights in the home game room in no time. In some minutes, I will take you through the rudiments of playing these games. Hop on this fun ride and start reading right away.

Easy Dart Games To Play With Your Loved Ones 

Throwing Darts with Friends

301 Darts

Though not the simplest of all the games, you can quickly also get how to play this. The 301 is a shorter version of the 501. The goal of 301 darts is to “check out” with your last dart by having your score drop from 301 to 0 before your opponent

Each player receives a base score of 301 points. They then take turns to throw three darts each, deducting their total throws from 301. To reach 0 before your opponent is your primary goal in this game. Therefore, you have to be as calculative as possible.

For example, if you play a single five, a single eight, and a double ten during your first lap. Then, you add it up and deduct the total from 301 to get your current score. In this example, your current score will be 268.

It is simple though not without its challenges:

  1. You must be a fast thinker and can sometimes predict your opponent’s throws.
  2. You repeat your throws with calculated precision.
  3. It involves basic arithmetic, and you will be the winner in no time.
easy dart games

High Score Darts

Although this is one of the easy dart games to play, it requires lots of practice to hit the board’s target spot. Two or more people can play it. High Score Darts is a game you can play regardless of your skill level in dart games. 

To play the game, players have to agree on the high score they want to play the game. If they want a shorter game, they can pick a score of 500 or less; if they want a longer game, they can go above 1000. Then, players take turns throwing a dart at the dartboard. Whosoever lands the dart closest to the bullseye gets to take the first turn in the game.

For example, if your first throw lands on a single 10, the second one on a double 14, and the third on a single 20. You already scored 58 points in the first round. Easy peasy, right? 

Make sure you are recording your points, and the game continues to go in this fashion until one player reaches the agreed threshold. 

Best dart games with friends

Knockout Darts

One of the most basic and easiest dart games you can play is knockout darts. Sure, it can be challenging, but it doesn’t need the use of too much arithmetic, and all you need is one more person to make it exciting. However, the game can get very competitive, so ensure you have your basic arithmetic handy. 

The goal of each player is to throw a higher score than what the player before them has scored. Each player throws three darts each turn. There’s no added total. You need to do better than the player before you knock them out. 

The higher it dart, the higher your chances of winning.

Fun Dart games

Around the Clock Darts (Around the World)

This game is more straightforward. It doesn’t require the use of mathematics and is as easy as you think. Since it has no stress, it makes it easier for beginners to like this game. Two or more players can play it.

In this game, you have to be the first person who hits every number on the dartboard. But, most importantly, you have to hit the bullseye. And you get to go home with the prize, whatever that is. 

Throwing Darts blindfold

Nine Lives Darts

This game is somehow similar to the Around-the-clock dart game and is one of our easy dart games. They share some similarities, although each game has its peculiar features. There’s just a little twist: you have three lives, unlike nine, as its name suggests. I don’t know what the idea behind that was. 

It is played exactly like “around the clock” but in a different style. In this game, if you miss scoring on the agreed target with all of your three darts, you lose one “life.” You should keep track of lives on the sideboard 

Once the order is determined, You, as the first player, will go first with all darts. They are now on number two if any of their three darts are successful.

If you hit the target with one with the first dart, you can use your remaining darts and move on to the following number and the third also. 

The second player can now do the same. Play will continue until one person reaches 20. That is the winner.

You do not lose a life if one of the darts is misfired. Instead, your turn is over. You will only miss that round and continue from where you stopped in the next.  

In the event that a player loses all three lives, they lose, and their opponent wins. Well, how nice is it to have three lives!

Throwing Darts in a pub

Warfare Darts

It is another simple dart game because it has no complications, and you also get a better chance of winning. I have played it before, and despite how easy it is, it isn’t dull.

To play warfare darts, you must divide the dartboard into two halves. Each number represents one soldier. Then, you must try everything possible to eliminate your opponent’s soldiers by hitting their numbers on the target. Anyone who does away with all of the opponent’s soldiers is declared the winner.

Each player receives ten numbers (soldiers). That soldier is eliminated when you have a specific number of the opponent. You, however, must be as accurate as possible in launching your attacks, lest you hit your soldiers. 

Throwing a bullseye

Cricket Darts

Nope. Not that cricket and not the insect either. It’s one of our easy dart games!

In cricket, every player will try throwing three darts at the board. All this is to hit numbers 15 to 20 and the bullseye. If you hit any other number, it won’t be added to your score. Once you hit the outer ring of a number, you get 2.

You get three points if you hit the inner ring. If you hit the bull’s eye outer ring, it equals 1, and the inner circle equals 2.

A player who closes out a number before his opponent can add the points together every time they strike that number. When all numbers have been closed, the game ends. The person with the highest point total wins. 

Practicing Darts

Call Three Darts

I’ll advise that you invite everyone over for this. Maybe not everyone, but you get the gist —the more, the merrier. This one of our easy dart games is a blast to play!

To play, each player will call a point for the opponent to hit. Then, that player will try to hit those targets in order with their three darts. They get one dart per number. If the dart hits it, the opponent gets the point. After ten rounds, the winner will be determined by the most points. 

Very easy to play and a lot of fun too. 

Scram Darts

When you play scram darts, you are divided into two teams. One is tagged the scorer, while the other is known as the stopper. 

Each player will compete to get the highest score by playing two rounds. 

As the name implies, the scorer tries to score as many points to himself while the stopper attempts to close the numbers so the opponent cannot use those numbers to score points.

The stopper always starts first, and he throws his three darts. Any number that gets hit by the stopper’s dart is declared closed and unavailable to the scorer.

The scorer throws next. Any number that his darts touch is accumulated and scored.

After two rounds, their points are summed up, and the player with the highest score wins the game. Talk about standing in someone’s way. 

Shanghai Darts

Shanghai is a no-stress darts game in which participants strive for the highest score. Each player rounds the board from 1-20 to get points. Points are counted at the end, and the winner is the one with the most. 

Another way to add a bit of twist to the game is to shanghai your opponent. You hit the single, double, and triple with your darts in one round.

Whichever method rocks your boat is fine. 

Slider Darts

Anyone can play this easy dart game, even beginners. The players will throw three darts when their turn comes. They are racing to hit each number from 10 up until 20. If one player doesn’t get to hit their target number with all three darts, they go back to the last level.

So if they had to hit 11 and missed with all three darts, in their next turn, they would be back on 10—what a fun way to illustrate an important life lesson. 


I’m of the opinion that a perfectionist must have invented this game. When you play gotcha darts, a target number is needed. All players will take turns scoring until they hit the target number. If a player exceeds the predetermined target number, both must reset their scores to the previous number.

It involves players taking turns to score the highest score they can with three darts in a race to get to the target number first. Mind you. It has to be the exact sum. 

Follow the Leader

This game is all about precision. All players start with three lives. The last player standing wins the game.

In the beginning, the first player launches just one dart. The opponent must hit that area on the dartboard where the first dart landed.

If anyone fails to hit the target area with all three of their darts, they lose one life. Therefore, when all three lives are lost, that player has lost the game. 

High/Low Darts

High/low darts are two different yet very similar games.

Let’s start with High darts. It is very similar to Knockout darts. Though this game is different, it is also fun. You can quickly learn how to play it after the first round. Players throw their first two darts together. 

This prevents the opponent from losing a life in the first round. The second player’s goal is to beat the first player’s score. He must also hit whatever number the first player hit.

If any player cannot get the number of the opponent, they lose a life. And if it goes on after three rounds, they lose all and are eliminated from the game.

There is one slight difference between low darts and high darts: each player must try to score fewer points than the player who threw before them.

Castle Darts

Okay, let’s get to the building!

The goal of each player is to construct a castle with just 15 bricks. Then, each player is expected to throw the dart at the dartboard to hit a particular number.

One brick will be earned by hitting the single area of that number. It’s as simple as that. Just strike your target number.

Although your opponent can knock down your bricks when he hits your target number, you can do the same. Fun stuff. 

Baseball Darts

Nine innings are usually played in baseball darts. On each turn, each player throws three darts at the displayed number. Each dart will go for one inning, respectively.

The single areas of that number count as one point, the double-two, and the triple count as three. The running total is kept, and the player with the most points wins the game at the end.

Tic-Tac-Toe Darts

It is a mixture of darts and the tic-tac-toe game. First, you need to close on some numbers by scoring three of them. You can achieve this by hitting three singles, a triple, a double, a single, etc., of that number. Then, by covering the relevant numbers on the board, players attempt to win the tic-tac-toe game.

Final thoughts on easy dart games

As you can see, enjoying a dart game does not require too much. All you need are your darts, the dart board, and fun players that can challenge you. The game of darts is easy to learn. Moreover, difficult games might tire you out easily as a beginner, so I collated 17 easy dart games to keep your interest piqued.

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