How Should a Foosball Table Be Setup

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Foosball is one of the most popular indoor games in the world that 2 or 4 individuals can play. Playing foosball is so exciting that it can be as much fun as playing football for some people, but there is one concern about it.

It’s that you can’t receive your foosball table completely assembled. How should a foosball table be setup? It needs to be set up in the house. This is not a problem for those who use professional assembly. But why do you want to spend money when you can do it yourself? We are talking DIY foosball table setup!

In this short post, we will see how a foosball table set-up should be done. But remember, this is general guidance and shouldn’t be considered the gospel for every foosball table out there. But you will get a general point of view.

 Foosball Tables in Different Sizes

Before getting into how should a foosball table be setup, keep in mind that not all foosball tables have the same size. This can affect one of the preliminary steps of assembling a foosball table which is to consider a proper room for it. This decision is up to the size of the table.

setting up a foosball table

What Size of Foosball Table should I choose?

According to the International Table Soccer Federation(ITSF), a full-size foosball table should measure 56 in length, 30 in width, and 36 in height. But if you can’t find enough room for it, the tabletop version of the foosball table can be an excellent choice due to its smaller size and lighter weight.  

toolset for foosball table

What’s Needed to Assemble Your Foosball Table

Before assembling, you should provide the essential tools needed in the process. The brand of foosball table you choose doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, you’ll need the same tools to assemble them. These tools are:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Level
  • Allen key
  • Hammer

Besides this equipment, you should have:

  • Helping hand: Assembling parts of a foosball table alone can be very difficult. So you must use a friend’s help to save time and energy. If more people join you, the process will be much straighter forward.
  • Two hours of free time: For some more complex tables, you may need at least 2 hours of free time to set them up. This may vary depending on your constructing skills, but ensure you have a couple of free hours to do it.
  • A list of all the pieces: Before starting, you must check out the list of parts to ensure all pieces are accounted for. Nobody wants to spend hours and suddenly figure out a piece is lost or damaged. 

How to Assemble a Foosball Table

As we mentioned before, one primary step is finding the proper place. It will be tricky if you build it in the yard, for example, and then want to move it to the basement.

After making this decision, it’s time to go for the real deal of the foosball table set up.

How should a foosball table be setup:

  1. Check out the manual: The details in some tables are different, so make sure you got the manual by your side.
  2. Attach the bottom surface to the legs: Flip over and put the bottom surface on the ground. Now attach the legs to the base one by one. Once they get in their place, turn the table back over and let it stand upright.
  3. Set up the playing surface: while the table is standing upright, attach the playing surface. Be careful when moving this surface as it’s vulnerable and can be damaged or scratched easily. This may change how the ball rolls when you play the game.
  4. Assemble the sides of the table: when the playing surface is set up at the top, attach the sides to the table. This step may require special attention. So check out your manual for further instructions.
  5. Install corner pieces: To add extra security to the table, add corner pieces after assembling the sides. Ensure you install them well at the corners to avoid shifts during an exciting foosball match.
  6. Install the straighteners and levelers: turn the table upside down again. Attach the levelers to the legs to keep them from wobbling when you start playing the game. Once finished, flip back over the table.
  7. Setting up the players and rods: the number of players attached to the rods may be different in various models. In American styles, there are four rods with three players. In these models, the shorter ones would be the goalies. But in European styles, you can see the goalie as a rod with only one player. To find out what model you have and set the goalie properly. Make sure that the opponent players face each. Players in a team should have the matching color and be inserted in the slots on the same side of the table. Then add the handles and stoppers to control the players and stop them from sliding out during the games.
  8. Attach the scoreboard: some tables may not have any scoreboard. But if it’s available, attach one on each side of the table and above the goals.
  9. Using a lubricant: The last step for making a great foosball table is to use oil. As the pieces are new or unused, playing with the rods the way you want may be challenging. Adding lubricant to the rods makes their moves Fast and smooth. In this case, you will feel much more fun and excitement during the games. 

FAQs for Foosball Tables

How much is a good foosball table?

The average cost of a good quality full-sized foosball table is about 800$. It depends on the table’s material, size, model, and quality. But don’t worry, you can still have a mini or tabletop foosball table for 25$ to 50$.

Can you get a table with the female player?

Most foosball tables available in the stores are provided with men players. But you can call the manufacturer directly and ask them to provide you with a table with female players.

How do you clean a foosball table?

The methods and tools for Cleaning and maintaining a foosball table depend on the material used. If you’ve got a plastic or metal table, soapy water is fine.

But for wooden tables, you shouldn’t use a watery product.

Instead, grab a microfiber cloth, dip it into some rubbing alcohol and rub it all over the foosball table.

To keep the table clean, you should make your own rules. For example, no one should drink or eat near the foosball table. But sometimes it happens, especially when you are caught up in a fascinating game. So stop the game immediately and remove the spilled liquid or stains on the table.

Why should foosball tables be flat?

As we mentioned, you should look after the playing surface to prevent it from getting bent over or damaged.

It’s possible that with a flat surface, you may face dead spots during the game.

But without it, nobody can completely control the ball, and the game will not be fair.

Where should I put my foosball table?

You can consider several potential locations for setting a foosball table, including the garage, backyard, rooms no one use, or an at home game room.

In all these places, you should check if there is enough space for at least four players to play the game or chill out. And, as we told you at the beginning, you should also consider the table size for choosing the right place.

Final thoughts on How Should a Foosball Table Be Setup

Assembling a foosball table may look complicated initially, but it is worth a shot. It can be challenging for your first time, so use extra help to get over it fast. After learning how to assemble it correctly, your skills will improve over time.

Make sure you provide yourself with the right tools. However, don’t hesitate to use it if you have the skills to use a specific device and think it would help you build the table faster.

In the end, remember that if you want your foosball table to serve you years of happiness and joy, a correct way of assembling it is necessary. A routine for maintaining and cleaning it is also crucial. Have a daily or weakly plan for cleaning the table with the right tools and equipment. But before that, figure out what materials are used and have specific rules near the table.

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