7 Fun Dartboard Drinking Games to Play With Friends

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Everyone knows drinking games are a great way to add excitement to any party. But what many people don’t know is that you can play these games with a dart board. In fact, there are many different drinking games you can play using this popular game board.

So gather your friends, break out the darts and board, and get ready for some fun! Here are seven of the best drinking dart games to play at your next party.

Beer Darts

Beer Darts

The game of beer darts is one of the more popular ways of getting drunk with the aid of flying sharp pointy objects. This perfect drinking game is played without a dartboard. Instead, your intended target is a full beer can positioned ten feet away by the opposing player or team. While this might be a bit intimidating at first, you should have no fears because you are allowed a “backboard” located between you and the beer can being thrown used as the target.

How to Play Beer Darts

As said above, this fun drinking game does not need a dartboard, just two people, a couple of beers, and some darts. Below I am going to walk you through the rules of the game but keep in mind that this is a drinking game, and it is supposed to be fun; therefore, creativity with the rules is encouraged.

Things you need to play Beer Darts:

  • 4 darts for a two-player game
  • 2 cans of beer
  • 2 backboards (Optional but advisable) pizza boxes work well
  • 2 chairs

The following rules are for a typical two-player beer dart game but remember, learn the rules, then break the rules.

  1. Two players face each other 10 feet apart, typically seated in chairs.
  2. A cracked beer can is placed between both players’ legs.
  3. Use a pizza box as a backboard to protect your legs and other bits.
  4. The thrower tosses (We’re not talking Roger Clemens here) two darts at the other player’s beer.
  5. Play proceeds until one beer can is empty; thus, a victor is chosen.

How do we go from full to empty can with a slight buzz? Well, here is how:


If a dart punctures a beer can, the game is paused, and the players whose can was struck must drink the beer below the level of the puncture. Once this is done, play will then proceed as before.


The player must take a drink if the dart hits the can but does not puncture it. This is usually required to be 1 oz sip, but whose measuring? This rule only applies to the metal part of the dart, not the fins.

Double Tap

They get another turn if a thrower taps or punctures the can with both darts. And it should be noted they are probably a beer dart ringer, so you’re most likely gonna get really drunk real fast.

Game Over

You lose when there is less than one drink left in the can.

Kill Shot by Low Blow

When a dart punctures the can at the bottom, it results in the drinker having to drink all of the beer and a victory for the thrower in a single can game.

Kill Shot by Mouth Hole

When the thrower has a dart, break the plane of the open mouth hole on the top of the beer. The dart does not have to remain in the hole, but if there is a disagreement about whether it went in, the drinker makes the final decision.

Beer Dart Variations

While the original game is pretty amazing in and of itself, I think it is a little cooler if played with multiple friends and beers. Check out this link: beer dart variations, to see other fun ways to play.

Hot Shots

Hot Shots

This game will get you drunk, and it will do it in a hurry. It is best played with two to four players. The items you need to play this dartboard drinking game is:

  • 6 darts
  • Some Liquor (I prefer Patron)
  • Shot glasses
  • Dartboard

How to Play Hot Shots the basic rules:

  1. Each team’s first player throws a single dart at the start of the game. The dart that lands closest to the bullseye wins. The losing team or individual player takes a shot.
  2. The main game then begins. Three darts are thrown by each team. They must get any number between 15 and 20 as a triple, double, or single. They must take a shot if they don’t.
  3. A number is “closed out” for the remainder of the game when a team throws three darts and lands in the single, double, or triple of a certain number, say 17, for example.
  4. If a dart lands on a closed-out target area after it has been thrown, the player or team that hits it must take a shot.
  5. The game can be called off whenever you like when all the numbers are “closed off,” when the alcohol runs out, or when one or more players become too drunk to see the board.
Hot Shots

Hot Shots Deux

This is yet another perfect game to play at a party with your friends, perhaps even in your man cave. This is similar to Hot Shots and can be played with any number of players, but in this dart game, every person is for themselves. What you need to play:

  • One dart per player
  • Dartboard
  • 1 – 4 types of liquor
  • 4 Shot glasses plus one for each player. Remember mixing liquor can mess you up!

How to Play Hot Shot Deux:

  1. Sit out the four shot glasses, fill them with liquor and assign them a number corresponding to the dartboard. As example 20, 19, 18,17.
  2. The first player aims at a target number, one of the four previously chosen.
  3. If the exact number is struck, that player chooses another player to drink the shot that corresponds to that number.
  4. If they miss, they must take a shot of their choosing.
  5. Play is continued by the second player until each individual player has a chance to throw.
  6. Play ends when the liquor is gone, or the players are too drunk to continue.

This is a good game to play if you are trying to get drunk really quickly.

Hot Shots tres

Hot Shots Tres

Here’s another fun and easy drinking darts game to help you and your friends get lit! Let’s get on to the game rules. What you need to play:

  • A Dartboard. Why not try a magnetic dart board and magnetic darts or not.
  • A dart for each player
  • One Shot glass per player
  • Liquor of choice

How to Play Hot Shots Tres

One dart is thrown by each player. The thrower must perform a task based on where the dart lands. These are the guidelines.

  • If the dart lands on one thru five, they must drink half a shot.
  • Six thru ten, a full shot.
  • Eleven thru fifteen, the thrower chooses who will drink a half shot
  • Sixteen thru twenty, a full shot.
  • If the dart land in the outer bullseye, everyone except for the throw drinks a half shot.
  • Double bullseye a full shot.

The play ends when the liquor is gone, or everyone is too drunk to hit the dartboard.

Dear Beer

Dear Beer

  • This is a variation on beer darts, and it is typically played with four or more people but could be played with as few as two people. What you need to play dear beer:
  • Lots of beer
  • Chairs for all the players
  • Two Steel tipped darts per player
  • Backboards (optional but could save your shins)

How To Play Dear Beer

  1. Seat everyone in a circle.
  2. Place unopened beer can or cracked beer can between you legs like in beer darts.
  3. Take turns throwing both your darts at others’ beer cans.
    1. If you hit a beer can but do not puncture it, that person must take a sip.
    2. If you puncture a beer can with a dart, that person must drink the entire can.
    3. If the thrower misses a can on both throws, they must take a sip from their can.

The winner is the least drunk after a case of beer, or perhaps that is the loser.

bastard darts

Bastard Darts

Please excuse the name and if it offends you call it whatever you like but you need to give this fun dart drinking game a try. What you need to play:

  • Dartboard
  • Darts
  • Lots of beer
  • Something to keep score on

How to Play Bastard Darts

  1. Everyone takes turns throwing at the dartboard to see which number is “theirs’. Two players cannot have the same number.
  2. Place everyone’s name and number on the scoreboard.
  3. Give ten marks to every player.
  4. The goal is to eliminate all your marks.
  5. You remove your marks when you throw your dart into your number. A single removes one mark, a double two, and a triple three.
  6. You can add marks to another player’s score by throwing them into their number. A single adds one mark, a double two, and a triple three.
  7. If you do not hit any player’s number, you drink.
  8. If you hit a single bullseye, everyone drinks but you.
  9. Double bullseye, everyone but you takes two drinks.

The winner is the first person to remove all their marks. All the “losers” must drink their mark total at the end of the game.

51 by 5 the Drinking Edition

This is a quick fun game and with the addition of drinking it makes it even more fun but maybe not as quick. What you need to play:

  • Dartboard
  • Darts
  • Beer or Liquor. Choose yer’ poison.

How to Play 51 by 5 the Drinking Edition

  1. All three of you darts must score
  2. If your score is divisible by five, i.e., 20, then the other players drink.
  3. If your score is not divisible by five, i.e., 19, you must drink.
  4. To score, you divide your score by five, and that answer is your score, i.e., 20/5=4
  5. If your score is not divisible by five, you get a zero.

Winner is first person to 51.

Disclaimer: This game becomes harder to track the more drunk you get, but it is fun, and you should try it.

Final Thoughts on Dartboard Drinking Games

Whether you’re looking for a new game to play at your next party or just want some ideas to keep things interesting the next time you and your friends are hanging out, these dart drinking games should do the trick.

So grab a few beers and some darts and get ready to have some fun.


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